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Yoska Training Program: Overview

    * This program is specially designed by Yoska’s Chief Coach Deepak Raj to help you pursue your fitness goals at the Ruggedian Kholapur Run on 19th Feb and beyond

    * The training plan will be delivered through Yoska’s online platform, the only one of its kind in India

    * The plan will be personalized basis: your current fitness levels & target race distance (5 Kms / 10 Kms / 21.1 Kms / 42.2 Kms / 50+ Kms)

    * Every week there will be workouts planned, details required to execute the same will be provided in the tool, along with links for video and other relevant stuff

    * This is a holistic program which also provides inputs on: rest & recovery, core strengthening, stretching & basic nutrition

    * Ongoing virtual group connect through Yoska messaging platform to get your queries & clarifications addressed by Yoska experts

    * Weekly or fortnightly (basis the need & demand) there will be online group interaction with Yoska coaches

    * Every Sunday there will be a mentor guiding trainees on the ground for group exercise and group runs

    * In time we will enable creation of self managed groups that can meet as many times as they can during the week

Yoska Training Program: Register

The price of the training program is Rs. 95 per week (all inclusive), which is less than coffee for two in a café shop, less than fries in Mc Donald, less than popcorn at a multiplex !

And if you register for the Kholapur run during this period, the deal is even more super cool :

    * This is a 13 week program starting on 21st Nov, registrations for the same will end on 20th Nov.

    * you get a 10% discount for the training program!! So the cost will be Rs. 85 per week instead of Rs. 95, that’s a cool Rs. 480 savings for the 6 month training program

    * we will tweak the training program few weeks before & after the Kholpaur run, so that you are peaking at the right time to give your best and post the run you are recovering well so that you continue fresh through the program

You can make payments in installments as well – pay only 50% of the total cost at the time of registering for the training program and pay the remainder 50% after 60 days of the start of the training program

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About Yoska

Yoska is the only one of its kind platform in India which is built to enhance training experience.

Know your coach : Deepak Raj – 16 Time IronMan Triathlon Finisher

Athletic Achievements

    * Finished 16 Triathlons of IronMan Distance (Swim 3.8 km, Cycle 180 Km, Run 42.2 km) with a best time of 10 hrs 19 min 08 sec. (Probably the most IronMan by any Indian and 2nd fastest finish time)

    * Only Indian to be attain a Gold Status in All World IronMan Athlete Gold Status.

    * Only Indian to be in Top 1 % in IronMan All World Athletes in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

    * Highest Ranked Indian IronMan Triathlete in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with Ranking of #31 in Worldwide IronMan Age Group Rankings in 2014, #39 in 2015 and #31 in 2016 for IronMan Athletes.

    * Participated in Marathons and Triathlons across various countries such as India, Australia, Germany, USA, Japan, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Coaching Credentials

    * Full Time Certified Fitness Coach for Running, Triathlon and Personal Fitness since 2013.

    * Moved out of Corporate IT Job after 14 years in 2013 to pursue coaching and develop the sport of Running and Triathlon in India. Coached more than 100 + people to take up Triathlon.

    * Certified Coach by Triathlon Australia. Certified by Australia Institute of Personal Trainers.

    * Coached multiple podium finishers for Marathons, Half Marathons in India, Singapore and Australia.

    * Coached more than 45 finishers in IronMan and Half IronMan finishers from India

    * Coached the 2nd ever Indian to finish an UltraMan Triathlon (10 km Swim, 420 Km Cycling, 84.2 Km Running) in UltraMan Australia in May 2016.

    * Coached the youngest Indian (18 years) to a Half IronMan Triathlon Finisher

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