Training for Kolhapur Run

Remember, it's not just about how fast you finish the race, it's about avoiding injury and having fun.

Since a marathon is considered the ultimate running challenge, we have scheduled training to make it a little easy for you from 1st of January, 2020 to make sure that your body is up for the challenge.

Participating in a marathon should be a fun, rewarding and safe experience. However, preparing for a marathon requires a lot of time, discipline and commitment, and can often feel overwhelming and, in some cases, result in injury. This is especially true if you are new to running or are running your first marathon.

Those who are interested can contact Mr. Kamlesh - 9623688881
A Training Plan by Pankaj Ravalu - India's youngest and fastest Ironman also a 5 times Ironman Finisher.
Following are a few tips from our expert about the plan for you to perform your best in the @The Kolhapur Run on 9th Feb 2020 :

1.JOG: Run at a jogging pace. This session will gently exercise the muscles used for running. if you need to run faster, then run the last kilometer a little quicker.

2.BUILD-UP: Start to run at the first guideline pace. When you are comfortable increase your pace and maintain it. Stay in control of your pace, don't push too hard and end up finishing slow.

3.COMFORTABLE: This session has a guideline pace, but if you feel it is too fast just reduce the speed. Comfortable running lets you train without putting too much strain on your body.

4.FAST: This is a fast paced run. If you can't maintain the guideline pace then reduce it but do make sure to run above your comfort level; you should be breathing a little quicker and deeper than usual.

5.PACE: Aim to run this session at the guideline pace. If you feel the pace is too high, then reduce it. Maintaining the pace throughout the session is more important than the rate itself.